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From Martin Sebor <>
Subject Re: Problem building stdcxx on Windows XP
Date Thu, 31 Aug 2006 17:19:11 GMT
Geoffrey Winn wrote:
> Thanks again. That resolved the problem and I can start Visual Studio
> without a problem. From there I opted to pull down the "Build" menu and 
> just
> "Build Solution". There were no serious problems during the build, however
> 1. Once the build completes, it seems to run a set of tests (nice touch 
> :-))
> I saw 3 or 4 Debug Assertion popup boxes during those, however, they
> disappeared before I could make a note of what they said.

We're still porting the Rogue Wave C++ Standard Library test suite
to the stdcxx test driver and there are a number of classes of
problems, some caused by the incomplete state of the integration,
others by problems in the tests, and others still by compiler and
OS issues. Combined they make the test suite results less than
useful to the uninitiated (we should be able to answer questions
about specific failures). We're working on cleaning it up for
the next release.

Besides the test suite stdcxx comes with a fairly comprehensive
set of examples which should compile and run successfully to
completion on all platforms, and most should also produce the
expected output (there are a few platform-specific differences).
They are going to be much more representative of the state of
the project as of 4.1.3.

> 2. Once everything had completed, I can see in the Task List that I have 8
> warnings and 18 errors.
> Are these results expected? If not, would you like the details?

We are most likely aware of the issues but I would be happy to
go over the results and explain the failures if that would
increase your confidence in the project :) It may not be a bad
idea for us to document them in the form of Jira issues.


> Thanks again.
> Regards,
> Geoff.
> On 31/08/06, Farid Zaripov <> wrote:
>>    I investigated the problem.
>>   The version 4.1.3 requires the full absolute path specified for
>> %BUILDDIR%. (i.e. "c:\stdcxx-4.1.3\Temp" instead of "Temp").
>>   The patch from my previous letter is unnecessary.
>> Farid.

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