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From Martin Sebor <>
Subject Re: Crash using stream
Date Thu, 06 Apr 2006 12:34:11 GMT
Tim Besser wrote:
> First attempt to get an legacy app working with this library on Linux
> RHEL 4
> with gcc 3.4.3.  Can't reproduce with a test app, but the legacy app
> crashes
> right away with:
> /home/tab/stdcxx-4.1.3/src/locale_core.cpp:94: const __rw::__rw_facet*
> std::locale::_C_get_std_facet(__rw::__rw_facet::_C_facet_type,
> __rw::__rw_facet*(*)(unsigned int, const char*)) const: Assertion '0 !=
> _C_body->_C_name' failed.
> /home/tab/sandbox/lib/linux/[0xca61c6]
> /home/tab/sandbox/lib/linux/
> 1_iS1_+0x6e)[0xca625e]
> /home/tab/sandbox/lib/linux/
> EN4__rw10__rw_facet13_C_facet_typeEPFPS1_jPKcE+0x78)[0xcbd774]
> Is there something obvious that perhaps I have misconfigured?

The error indicates an internal inconsistency in the library. The
code expects a non-null locale name but a null is passed. That's
something that should never happen. If I were debugging it I would
start by making sure that any part of the application (including
any shared libraries) does not link with gcc's libstdc++. If not,
I would look at the environment (the output of the env command,
particularly the LANG and LC_XXX variables) to see what the name
of the global locale is.


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