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From Craig Chariton <>
Subject Instructions for Unpacking and Building the Library on Windows
Date Thu, 30 Mar 2006 23:35:55 GMT
I want to provide a copy of the instructions that I have so far for personal
use for unpacking and building the library on a Windows platform.  I thought
this may save others time who want to use the library on Windows, and it may
be a good starting point for permanent instructions in a README or other
documentation for the library.




Notes for Building Apache Library, 3/30/06



Path needs to include uuidgen.exe



C:\Program Files\Microsoft Visual Studio 8\Common7\Tools\uuidgen.exe


Unzip the tar ball that you retrieve from the Web site.


Open the command prompt for your compiler, such as the Visual Studio .NET
2003 command prompt.


cd to the directory containing the generate.bat file.  For example, this may
be located in C:\ApacheLibs\stdcxx.


At the command prompt type the following:

Generate /CONFIG:<compiler> /BUILDDIR:<absolute path to build directory>



generate /CONFIG:VC71 /BUILDDIR:C:\ApacheLibs\stdcxx-build


If you need to see the generate options, at the command prompt type
"generate" and enter.


After the generate batch file has completed running, you may open the
solution in two different ways.


Approach #1

At the command prompt, cd into the build directory.  There should be a file
with a .sln extension, such as VC71.sln.  Type devenv VC71.sln and enter.
This will open the solution file in the Visual Studio environment.


Approach #2

Open your environment, such as Visual Studio .NET 2003.  Go to File - Open
Solution, then locate the .sln file in the build directory.  Open the file.



To build the examples and your solution configuration, you will need to
rebuild the solution.


1.                At the top of the Visual Studio development environment,
you will see the solution configurations window with 11d Debug Dll in it.
Select the type of buildspec that you want to create.

2.                Highlight the solution in the Solution Explorer window
(such as Solution 'VC71').

3.                On the top menu bar, select Build --> Rebuild Solution.
This will build the buildspec for you and the examples.

4.                You may try out the individual examples using the command
line.  The executable files are located at \examples\manual\<solution
configuration> and \examples\tutorial\<solution configuration>.



I hope this helps.


Craig Chariton



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