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From Martin Sebor <>
Subject Re: strstream infinite loop
Date Sun, 19 Mar 2006 20:02:42 GMT
ryan owen wrote:
> On 3/18/06, Martin Sebor <> wrote:
> I didn't specify a BUILDTYPE, so I guess that means 11s

It doesn't exactly match 11s. 11s uses -g and enables debugging
support in the library. With no buildtype specified there is no
-g and no debugging library features, but no optimization either.
It's not a terribly useful configuration.

> Thanks for the reply, Martin.  I'll try building with your config.h
> and BUILDTYPE 8d to see if I have any luck.  I don't have access to
> the HPUX machine at the moment, so I'll let you know how it goes on
> Monday.

FWIW, you can sign up for a free user account on one of HP's
testdrive boxes: It's a great

> Here is my config.h in the meantime:

Thanks. Attached is an intelligible diff of the two config files.
The A column stands for your config, the B column indicates mine.
The three symbols, +, -, and X, in each column have the following

   +   macro is defined
   -   macro is not defined and commented out
   X   macro does not appear in the header

These macros in particular are of concern:

                                             A  B
   ========================================= ====
   _RWSTD_ANSI_C_WCTYPE_H                    X  +
   _RWSTD_CAT_SEP                            X  +
   _RWSTD_NO_CAT_EQ                          X  +
   _RWSTD_NO_CAT_NAMES                       X  +
   _RWSTD_NO_CONDENSED_NAME                  X  +
   _RWSTD_NO_INITIAL_CAT_SEP                 X  +
   _RWSTD_NO_LOCALE_NAME_FMAT                +  -
   _RWSTD_NO_NATIVE_WCHAR_T                  +  -

and of them, especially the 6 starting with _RWSTD_CAT_SEP. They
are normally defined by the LOCALE_NAME_FMAT.cpp config test and
indicate the expected format of combined names of locales on
a platform (e.g., "/C/en_US/es_ES/da_DK/ja_JP/fr_FR/"). Since the
format typically doesn't change with new releases of the same OS
it's strange that yours are different from mine. Does the machine
have any locales installed (run locale -a at the command prompt
to find out)? If not, you might want to copy these macros into
your config.h. Also (and this is not indicated in the attached
diff for some reason), the _RWSTD_CAT_N(pfx) set of macros don't
seem to be defined in your config header. I suggest you copy those
as well and rebuild the library to see how things go.


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