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From "Sergio A. Reyes-Peniche" <>
Subject Re: Error with generate.bat
Date Tue, 07 Feb 2006 02:50:11 GMT
Hi again,

On 2/4/06, Martin Sebor <> wrote:
> Only MSVC 7.1 works with the infrastructure in 4.1.3. Getting MSVC
> 8.0 to work isn't difficult -- you simply use the Visual Studio 8.0
> conversion wizard to convert the solution (and tweak a few compiler
> options). But since the solution format is incompatible between
> different versions of Visual Studio there is no way to go back
> from 7.1 to 6.0. I suspect that adding support for MSVC 6 would be
> a challenge (AFAIK, no one has tried it, even though the library
> itself was tested with the compiler not too long ago).

I just wanted to see a complete solution (makefiles or project files)
in order to understand the build process and manually port it to other

> I tried MSVC 6 and ran into the same error. It was caused by my
> PATH environment variable missing a directory containing the uuidgen
> utility that the infrastructure needs. With uuidgen in my PATH the
> script successfully generated the MSVC 7.1 solution and all the
> projects. The utility comes with MSVC 8 but I'm sure you can
> download it separately as well. As I said, though, the 7.1 solution
> will not work with 6.0.

I cannot find a (legal) download of uuidgen. I will switch to Linux,
run make -f GNUMakefile and study that solution.

> That being said, the error message in this case is not descriptive
> enough and should be improved. I created an issue in our bug tracking
> database to make sure we don't forget:
> Martin

OK, thank you for your help.


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