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From Martin Sebor <>
Subject Re: Compiling stdcxx using Sun Studio 11 on Solaris 8
Date Tue, 14 Feb 2006 16:59:01 GMT
Dipak Bapatla wrote:
> All the four utilities below seem to be same between both the
> environments. 

Odd. How about make (it should be GNU make 3.70 or better), or
even sh (the shell)? What your locale setting (LC_CTYPE and other
LC_XXX variables)? Could you post the diff between the output of
env in each environment?


> Martin Sebor <> wrote:  Dipak Bapatla wrote:
>>Hi Martin,
>>I removed most of the stuff from my PATH in my .profile and now
>>everything compiles fine. I dont know what was in my .profile that
>>causes this problem. I will post to this list once I know what was
>>causing this problem.
> Ah! Bitten by the environment... I think it was still a useful
> exercise, even if it might have been somewhat frustrating for
> you. I suspect the infrastructure found an unexpected utility
> in your PATH (say a different, non-POSIX sed or grep) and failed
> to function properly. It would be good to know which utility
> caused this. If it isn't too much trouble, could you check to
> see which of the following utilities are different between
> the two environments (use the which command to compare the
> pathnames of each):
> awk
> basename
> grep
> sed
> Thanks
> Martin

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