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From Dipak Bapatla <>
Subject How to setup the locales
Date Tue, 14 Feb 2006 21:11:05 GMT
  How can I get locales to work with the library? If I use 
  locale loc1 = std::locale("");
  the code works fine.
  But if I use any other locale it fails because of an exception.  
  There is nothing built in the nls directory in my BUILDDIR to copy to the lib directory
of my installation. What do I need to do to build the locales. I have tried doing gmake util
but it doesn't help. It build locale and localedef but there is nothing in the nls directory.
  One thing that I noticed in the scripts is that they use the keyword function and /bin/sh
as the interpreter.
  The following code fails
  function hello {
    echo "Hello";

  ./ function: not found
./ syntax error at line 5: `}' unexpected

  where as the one below works
  hello() {
    echo "Hello";

  If I use /bin/ksh,
  the first one works fine

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