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From Dipak Bapatla <>
Subject Re: Compiling stdcxx using Sun Studio 11 on Solaris 8
Date Tue, 14 Feb 2006 16:17:45 GMT
Hi Martin,
  I removed most of the stuff from my PATH in my .profile and now everything compiles fine.
I dont know what was in my .profile that causes this problem. I will post to this list once
I know what was causing this problem.

Martin Sebor <> wrote:
  Dipak Bapatla wrote:
> macms01$ CC -c -library=%none -g +w -D_RWSTDDEBUG -mt
> opt/idev3/dbapatla/stdcxx-4.1.3/etc/config/src/BOOL.cpp
> macms01$ echo $?
> 0

Hmm. I'm afraid I'm at a loss. The command succeeds yet the macro
(_RWSTD_NO_BOOL) is #defined in the config header. That's contrary
to how the infrastructure works and I have never seen anything like
it. I would try configuring again, in a clean BUILDDIR. If it doesn't
solve it compare the new config header with the old one to see what
(if anything) has changed. You might need to instrument GNUmakefile.cfg
to find out what's really going on. Let me know if you need help with


> Martin Sebor wrote: Martin Sebor wrote:
>>Dipak Bapatla wrote:
> [...]
>>Looks like the LIMITS.cpp config test failed.
> Actually, from the config.h file it looks like many tests failed,
> including the test for the bool type(!) Unless Sun screwed things
> up really bad in Sun Studio 11 and broke bool there is something
> very wrong with your environment or setup. I don't see any error
> from the bool test in your config.log yet the macro is #defined
> in config.h. Is there a BOOL.o in $BUILDDIR/include/? What status
> does CC exit with when it compiles BOOL.cpp? To find out, run this
> command (copied from your config.log) by hand:
> CC -c -library=%none -g +w -D_RWSTDDEBUG -mt -D_RWSTD_USE_CONFIG \
> -I. /opt/idev3/dbapatla/stdcxx-4.1.3/etc/config/src/BOOL.cpp; \
> echo $?
> Martin


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