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From Martin Sebor <>
Subject Re: library name for stdcxx 4.1.3
Date Wed, 01 Feb 2006 01:25:49 GMT
Martin Sebor wrote:
> Mohan Seripalli wrote:
>> Thanks Martin.
>> Modifying the LIBBASE variable did the magic.
> Btw., after some thought I think it should actually work. 

One caveat, though: while setting BUILDTYPE after has
been generated could be made to work (i.e., get it encoded in the
name of the library), it won't actually change the type of the
build. I.e., it will not affect the compiler and/or linker options
or anything else that is computed at the time the file is generated.

So if, for example, you forget to define BUILDTYPE when you first
invoke make and then edit to set the BUILDTYPE to 15d,
you'll still end up with an archive library with no thread safety.

We could redesign the infrastructure so as to allow dynamically
changing the actual build type (including compiler and linker flags)
but it wouldn't be a simple change. And while I like the idea I'll
have to think about whether it's worth the trouble.


> I.e., it
> should be possible to change the build type of just by changing the
> BUILDTYPE variable in (or defining it on the command
> line). You shouldn't need to mess around with LIBBASE or whatever
> other helper variable to do that. Let me open an issue for it and
> get it fixed:
> Martin

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