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From Martin Sebor <>
Subject Re: stdcxx question
Date Thu, 01 Dec 2005 01:02:51 GMT
John Benito wrote:
> Martin,
> Thanks for the quick and correct response.  By specifying the full path 
> for BUILDDIR, I get a lot farther in the process.  I am now hitting a 
> makefile
> issue in that mapfile.gcc-4 and no rule to make the target, and in fact 
> I do
> not seem to have a mapfile.gcc-4.  Do I need to download a mapfile.gcc-4?

No, I'm afraid there isn't one. The project wasn't fully ported to gcc
4 at the time of the snapshot, and this bit still isn't implemented
today (you should be able to build and use an archive library with gcc
without needing this file). You should also be able to avoid this error
when building a shared library by deleting the line that defines the
MAPFILE make variable from the generated $BUILDDIR/ file.

> Is there an archive I can go to see past questions, I tried
> with a search for mapfile.gcc-4, but no hits.

We don't have an issue for this yet -- thanks for raising it! Let me
go ahead and enter it in the bug database. (I'm CC'ing the lists as
a cross-reference).

As for past stdcxx discussions, you can view list archives here but AFAIK there is no
search capability. I think Apache relies on other sites for this

As before, if there's anything else you need help with feel free
to ask!


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