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From okki <>
Subject Re: informix
Date Thu, 08 Sep 2005 17:06:00 GMT

thanks for clarification, roguewave did some fine job.

i know i'm hitchhiking my own thread but did you do performance 
measurement/comparison with alternative std implementations?
gnu,stdcxx,uClibc++,... ?

> okki wrote:
>>>> just wanted to tell you that stdcxx compiles just fine within 
>>>> interix/sfu 3.5.
>> just when i thought everythings ok :) ... (well its still ok, but)
>> how do i get rid of the "-lsupc++" requirement? does stdcxx still rely 
>> on some parts of gcc?
> Yes, it certainly does :) libsupc++ is the language support library,
> implementing such facilities of core C++ language as exceptions, RTTI,
> and dynamic memory allocation (operators new and delete). There's no
> way to write even the simplest C++ program without it (actually, there
> is, but those usually are too simple to be useful).
> The vast majority of compilers provide such a library, some as an
> archive, some in the form of a shared library. If you are using the
> native C++ standard library that comes with the compiler the support
> library is linked in implicitly by the driver (or, in the case of
> gcc, it's actually part of libstdc++ itself), so you don't see it
> on the command line. When using a third party implementation of the
> C++ standard library such as stdcxx, you must avoid linking in the
> native implementation (to avoid ODR violations). With GCC you do
> it by using the gcc command instead of g++ for linking and by also
> specifying -lsupc++.
> I suppose you might be able to link libsupc++.a directly into the
> stdcxx library and avoid explicitly mentioning it on your program's
> link line but I haven't tried it.
>> gcc -D_RWSTD_USE_CONFIG -Istdcxx/include/ansi \
>> -Istdcxx/include -Iinclude -nostdinc++ \
>> src/*.cpp -O3 -o testcase.exe -B,static \
>> -Lstdcxx/lib -lstd -lsupc++ -B,dynamic -ldl -s
>> thanks in advance
>> (ah btw: why incubator? compiled a whole lot of classes without any 
>> modifications! out of the box! that's really cool :)
> Incubation isn't necessarily a reflection of the state or quality of
> the code (in the case of stdcxx, the project has been in development
> and active use for over 10 years so it's quite mature by now).
> Every project donated to Apache must go through the incubator first
> to make sure all legal issues (such as copyright/license transfers)
> have been completed and the project itself has been fully migrated
> to the ASF infrastructure (source code repository, bug tracking
> database, Web site, etc.) before the ASF takes formal ownership of
> it. The incubation period is also a good opportunity for maintainers
> of the project who are new to Apache to learn the ropes (i.e., get
> the "Apache Way" -- how to work within the organization, get to know
> people, establish a development community around the project, etc.)
> Martin

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