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From "C. Bergström" <>
Subject Re: Search for new chair
Date Wed, 29 May 2013 21:18:31 GMT
On 05/30/13 03:48 AM, Leandro T. C. Melo wrote:
> Hi,
> although I follow this list for a few years, it's actually my first post. I
> agree community would be on top, so let's say one would like to contribute
> to the project... What would be the greatest motivating factor?
I'd say our target is c++ enthusiasts/professionals, system maintainers 
and compiler engineers

Licensing, portability, quality of codebase, standards conformance and 
hopefully performance (though I don't have benchmarks to substantiate 
this claim right now)

>   I mean:
> This project has been relatively quiet; There's now libc++, which can
> probably better attract developers (specially given its connection with
> clang)
Based on the commit logs - how much non-Apple/general clang 
contributions does libc++ get? STL hacking isn't the sexiest project to 
contribute to generally..
>   - as fair as I know Window/Linux are not complete yet; I guess
> STLport is also missing C++11, but I'd assume it's more widely spread than
> the STDCXX and with more derivations, then more potential as well.
STLport's last release was 2008 and I'm not sure how much potential 
could be derived from that....
> > From a more practical side, regarding popularity and consequently an active
> community: How much people (and who) are using STDCXX (I couldn't find this
> on the page, sorry if it's there somewhere) and in which areas can the
> STDCXX be awesome and differentiate from the others. Portability, i18n...
I know of a few companies/projects using stdcxx, but it's probably 
better to leave this as a TODO.

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