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From Travis Vitek <>
Subject RE: [PATCH] Re: STDCXX-1072 SPARC V8 mutex alignment requirements
Date Sat, 13 Oct 2012 19:36:35 GMT


I built the library and tests before and after your change with the 64-bit flag, and I saw
no differences in the number of failed tests between the builds. I've attached the output
of 'gmake -k runall' before and after your change to STDCXX-1072 in case you want to look
over them.

I wrote up the following test case to prove that I could reproduce the issue using the compile/link
options used to build the stdcxx tests. The code is below..

  [vitek@andromeda] 138 % cat t.cpp
  #include <thread.h>
  #include <synch.h>
  #include <malloc.h>

  int main ()
        int *ip;
        mutex_t *mp;

        ip = (int*)malloc(sizeof (int) + sizeof (mutex_t));
        mp = (mutex_t*)(ip + 1);

        mutex_init(mp, USYNC_THREAD | LOCK_ROBUST, 0);

  [vitek@andromeda] 139 % gmake t
  CC -c -D_RWSTDDEBUG -mt -I/amd/homes/vitek/tmp/stdcxx-4.2.x/include \
    -I/build/vitek/stdcxx-4.2.x_sunpro-5.8_sunos-5.10-patched/include \
    -I/amd/homes/vitek/tmp/stdcxx-4.2.x/tests/include \
    -library=%none -g  -m64 +w -errtags -erroff=hidef   t.cpp
  CC t.o -o t -L/build/vitek/stdcxx-4.2.x_sunpro-5.8_sunos-5.10-patched/rwtest \
    -lrwtest15S -library=%none -mt -m64 \
    -L/build/vitek/stdcxx-4.2.x_sunpro-5.8_sunos-5.10-patched/lib \
    -lstd15S  -lm
  Bus Error (core dumped)
  [vitek@andromeda] 140 %

I also tested with POSIX mutexes and saw the same behavior.


> From: Liviu Nicoara 
> Sent: Thursday, October 11, 2012 5:28 AM
> To:
> Subject: Re: [PATCH] Re: STDCXX-1072 SPARC V8 mutex alignment requirements
> I applied the patch on 4.2.x. If someone with access to a SPARC machine 
> could give it a runall and post the results here it would be awesome. I 
> will postpone closing the incident until then.
> Thanks!
> Liviu

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