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From Liviu Nicoara <>
Subject STDCXX-1066 [was: Re: STDCXX forks]
Date Sat, 15 Sep 2012 17:02:41 GMT
On 9/1/12 1:52 PM, Stefan Teleman wrote:> On Sat, Sep 1, 2012 at 12:15 PM, >
 > I opened yesterday STDCXX-1066:
 > about the pthread_mutex_t/pthread_cond_t alignment on SPARCV8. I'll
 > have patches done this weekend. Achtung: the patchset is very large
 > and touches a very large number of files. It's strange that I didn't
 > get an email about STDCXX-1066.

Hi Stefan,

I have read through the patches attached to the incident, then I briefly read 
about the SunPro pragma align and pack. Two questions:

1. AFAICT, the use of the packing pragma may interfere with a user's setting of 
the same value. I.e., a user sets the packing in their sources and then, 
directly or not, includes an STDCXX header. It seems to me that in such a 
situation, our setting of the packing value would interfere with the rest of the 
user's translation unit, since there is no way to `restore' the previous packing 

Something along the lines of:

// user source file

#pragma pack (X) // X != 8

#include <iostream>

struct UserDef
     // different alignment than X ?
     // ...

Is my understanding correct?

2. The patches are against 4.2.1, but the change would be binary incompatible 
with the already released 4.2.1 branch. Do you plan to have this fix in 4.3.x?



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