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From Wojciech Meyer <>
Subject RE: STDCXX "fork"
Date Fri, 17 Jun 2011 14:54:46 GMT
> Hi all


> 1) "better" cmake build system (Actually this has nothing to do with
> Apache or the current build system.)
> 2) Faster code review, QA and easier contribution process (Only the last
> part is slowed down by Apache)
> 3) Actively maintained (To start just bug fixes, better support for
> Win/ARM/Solaris and performance improvements[2].  If we get enough
> interest we'll start on C++0x)

We have some armcc porting patches against 5.2.1 (or trunk), would you
be able to try to include them in your "big merge"? They are basically
build system amendments to cross compile stdcxx with our compiler and
make it work with our run time. Obviously if the build system is going
to change, I would need to spend some time porting them to cmake (hopefully
it will be straight forward), so let me know WDYT.

> Note: The cmake based build system isn't in the tree now and should
> merge mid/late next week.


> If you're interested

Already cloned.

> If you have outstanding patches please clone and send a pull request.
> We're going to work hard to get all the backlog of stuff reviewed and
> integrated.

Will do. Thanks!

> ./C


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