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From "C. Bergström" <>
Subject Re: STDCXX "fork"
Date Fri, 17 Jun 2011 15:34:24 GMT
  On 06/17/11 09:54 PM, Wojciech Meyer wrote:
>> Hi all
> Hi,
>> 1) "better" cmake build system (Actually this has nothing to do with
>> Apache or the current build system.)
>> 2) Faster code review, QA and easier contribution process (Only the last
>> part is slowed down by Apache)
>> 3) Actively maintained (To start just bug fixes, better support for
>> Win/ARM/Solaris and performance improvements[2].  If we get enough
>> interest we'll start on C++0x)
> We have some armcc porting patches against 5.2.1 (or trunk), would you
> be able to try to include them in your "big merge"? They are basically
> build system amendments to cross compile stdcxx with our compiler and
> make it work with our run time. Obviously if the build system is going
> to change, I would need to spend some time porting them to cmake (hopefully
> it will be straight forward), so let me know WDYT.
Anything not build related please send me a pull request on.  We have a 
cross compile build system for our compiler, but I'm not sure how easy 
it will be to pull that out just for STDCXX.  When the engineer who owns 
this code is back from holiday we'll get it sorted out.

I hope we can also take a look at the Solaris and Windows patches :)


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