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From Martin Sebor <>
Subject Re: nightly results still out of date
Date Wed, 01 Oct 2008 16:46:13 GMT
Looks like results for at least some platforms are coming in again,
but there are few, including HP-UX/PA and Intel C++ 9.1, and some
others, that haven't produced any results in almost a month.

Scott, can you please check the page below to see what the problem
might be?


Martin Sebor wrote:
> Andrew Black wrote:
>> Greetings Martin
>> Is the export script being run with some kind of resource limit set?
>> I've dug into the log files from when the export is run, and it appears
>> that the output is being abruptly truncated for no apparent reason. To
>> me, the most likely culprit of this sort of behavior would be ulimit.
>> If there are resource limits being set, try re-running the export
>> manually without setting any.  It's been long enough since we had a
>> 'good' export that you'll end up dumping essentially all the current
>> results from the system.
> Ugh. It could be my quota. I was trying to copy a compiler
> for our IT to install a few weeks ago and ran out of quota.
> The partially copied file was still in my home directory,
> so maybe that was the problem. I deleted the file and some
> other junk from my HOME so hopefully that'll fix it. We'll
> see tomorrow. Thanks for your help!
> Martin
>> --Andrew Black
>> Martin Sebor wrote:
>>> It looks like the vast majority of our nightly results are
>>> still out of date. Andrew, I know you fixed the issue with
>>> the server name. Is there anything else that you can think
>>> of that might need to change to get them updated?
>>> Martin

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