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From "Travis Vitek" <>
Subject RE: svn commit: r680756 - in /stdcxx/branches/4.2.x: include/loc/ include/loc/_codecvt.h include/loc/ include/loc/_collate.h include/loc/ include/loc/_moneypunct.h src/codecvt.cpp src/collate.cpp src/wcodecvt.cpp
Date Tue, 29 Jul 2008 17:46:43 GMT

Travis Vitek wrote:
>Are you sure you don't want to be using _RWSTD_DECLARE_NOTHROW 
>here, and _RWSTD_DEFINE_NOTHROW with the definition. I only see
>_RWSTD_ATTRIBUTE_NOTHROW being defined for gcc, and that means
>compile error for all other configurations.
>What is the rationale for using the attribute instead of a 
>throw spec? I realize that _RWSTD_ATTRIBUTE_NOTHROW will end
>up being an empty throw spec on most platforms, but I don't

Whoops, I meant to say _RWSTD_DECLARE_NOTHROW here...

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