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From "Eric Lemings" <>
Subject RE: C++ 0x testing
Date Tue, 01 Jul 2008 15:09:17 GMT

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> From: Martin Sebor [] On Behalf Of Martin Sebor
> Sent: Monday, June 30, 2008 6:47 PM
> To:
> Subject: Re: C++ 0x testing
> Eric Lemings wrote:
> >  
> > Anyways,
> > the gcc.config flag appends the appropriate compiler flags and
> > defines only if this make variable is defined; e.g.
> > 
> > 	ifeq ($(_RWSTD_EXT_CXX_0X),1)
> > 	    CXXFLAGS += -std=gnu++0x -D_RWSTD_EXT_CXX_0X
> > 	endif
> I'm suggesting we unconditionally enable it on 4.3.x in builds
> with gcc 4.3 (and all other compilers where it's intended to
> be tested). IIUC, the approach outlined above won't help us test
> the implementation in nightly builds because it'll still leave
> C++ 0x disabled unless we also change the buildntest script to
> define the make variable the way you show. If we were to take
> this approach I don't see the advantage over simply setting
> CXXOPTS=-std=gnu++0x instead. It seems to me that most users
> are more likely to be familiar and comfortable with using
> compiler options than with #defining our config macros.

My thought is that since 4.3.0 will be released (we hope) long before
the C++0x standard even reaches FCD status (much less be ratified about
a year later), the C++0x extensions would be disabled by default.  In
the 5.0.0 release, which should occur somewhat simultaneous with
ratification of the standard, C++0x conformance would be enabled by

As for testing C++0x in the 4.3.x branch, we would just have to modify
the nightly build and test scripts.  You don't think we should bother
testing gcc 4.3.x builds WITHOUT the C++0x extensions?


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