>-----Original Message----- >From: Martin Sebor [mailto:msebor@gmail.com] On Behalf Of Martin Sebor >Sent: Thursday, June 05, 2008 3:53 PM >To: dev@stdcxx.apache.org >Subject: Re: Issues with the build result pages > >Travis Vitek wrote: >> There appears to be some kind of error with the x-platform >build result >> pages for 4.3.x and trunk. On 4.2.x the page has only the >latest build >> results as I'd expect. The 4.3.x and trunk pages look like the new >> results are being placed at the bottom. If you look at the >actual html, >> you'll see that the page actually contains multiple >> blocks, so I'm guessing that something that is supposed to delete or >> overwrite the file is just appending. >> >> http://stdcxx.apache.org/builds/4.2.x/ >> http://stdcxx.apache.org/builds/4.3.x/ >> http://stdcxx.apache.org/builds/trunk/ > >Looks like the fix for this hasn't been merged yet: >http://svn.apache.org/viewvc?view=rev&revision=661075 Oh, I should have realized that this was the fix. I think that we are still on for merging from 4.2.x to 4.3.x on a weekly basis, so this change will be propigated soon. > >> >> Another issue is the windows build results on 4.2.x. Many of the >> the columns >> appear to contain data from the execution times instead of a string >> representing the exit code of the process or the failed assertions. >> >> http://tinyurl.com/5wd3kr [4.2.x] >> http://tinyurl.com/59kpfq [4.3.x] >> http://tinyurl.com/63nbm3 [trunk] > >I saw it this morning but haven't had time to investigate what's >causing it. I'm traveling the next two weeks and I'm not sure I'll >get around to it until I get back. It's most likely a problem in >the xcomp.awk script if you want to look into it. The way to test >it is to download a few logs and running xbuildgen on them like >so: > >(mkdir -p builds/logs && cd builds/logs && wget >http://stdcxx.apache.org/builds/4.2.x/logs/win_xp-1-em64t-msvc- >9.0-12d-win32-663410-log.gz.txt >http://stdcxx.apache.org/builds/4.2.x/logs/win_xp-1-em64t-msvc- >9.0-12D-win32-663410-log.gz.txt >&& PATH=~/stdcxx-4.2.x/bin:$PATH ~/stdcxx-4.2.x/bin/xbuildgen -s >-o../test.html *-log.gz.txt) > >This assumes you have a local copy of 4.2.x in stdcxx-4.2.x. > Awesome. I'll take a few minutes to look at this problem tomorrow. >Martin >