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From "Travis Vitek" <>
Subject RE: HP aCC 3.63 compilation error in 21.string.append.stdcxx-438.cpp
Date Tue, 24 Jun 2008 21:32:53 GMT

>Martin Sebor wrote:
>The test fails to compile with HP aCC 3.63. The error messages
>point to the patch for the issue:

Actually, I think it was me that caused the problem, in the following

The fix was for STDCXX-170 and friends, but break on every compiler when
the Iterator::operator*() returns a temporary (which is legal).

It looks like I'd need to do a special case when the iterator type is
pointer. I don't see any way to legally check for no overlap without
that, so the only option I can see then is to always make the copy and
fix it with an overload selection trick (which would only be appropriate
for 4.3.x).


>Looking at the patch I don't see how the reinterpret_cast to
>const_reference can possibly be correct, and I'm not sure we
>satisfactorily resolved the same question the first time it
>was raised back in March:

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