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From "Travis Vitek" <>
Subject RE: Default BUILDTYPE and/or BUILDMODE?
Date Mon, 09 Jun 2008 18:21:48 GMT

>Eric Lemings wrote:
>What is the default BUILDTYPE if it is not defined in the build (make)


>Here are some values from $builddir/ when BUILDTYPE is not
>CONFIG_H   = gcc-4.1.1-
>Are these values correct?

>I haven't looked but do the docs say if BUILDTYPE (or BUILDMODE) is

>From section 5 of the README

  Note that exactly one of BUILDTYPE and BUILDMODE must be

This comment is not totally accurate from a user perspective. They are
allowed to provide neither as indicated by the quote pasted below...

>Or what the default is?

Again, from section 5 of the README

  The  <build-type>  argument  is optional.  When  not
  specified a build type of 11s is assumed.

>If there isn't a default, I think we should establish one: shared,
>reentrant in all snapshots (i.e. all development) and release on
>all systems, wide builds on wide systems in snapshots and releases
>that support them, debug in snapshots, and optimized in releases.

I only followed that sentence for the first 20 words or so. I don't
understand what you mean when you refer to 'snapshots' and 'releases'.
It sounds like you are proposing that the default be different based on
who is doing the build?


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