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From "Travis Vitek" <>
Subject Differences between tr1 and c++0x
Date Tue, 20 May 2008 23:26:09 GMT

As most of us know, I've been working on type_traits for the 4.3
release. In doing so, I've noticed that there are some pretty
significant differences between tr1 and c++0x. My question is what
_exactly_ are we wanting to implement here? Do we want to have the tr1
stuff as it is documented [in the tr1 final], or do we want the tr1
additions as they appear in the c++0x working draft?

Some of the issues...

	1. The namespace that these features appear in [std::tr1 vs std]
      2. Section numbers for test names [4.meta.rel.cpp vs
	3. Subtle differences between behavior of traits
	4. Deprecated traits like add_reference [now

I just want to make absolutely sure that I'm working with the same
expectations as everyone else and that we are trying to implement the
c++0x draft features that were introduced in tr1. I'm currently writing
to the c++0x draft, but my tests use old section numbers from the tr1
final, and everything I've written is currently in the std::tr1
namespace [using a macro _TR1].


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