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From Martin Sebor <>
Subject Re: type_traits progress
Date Fri, 30 May 2008 21:04:33 GMT
Travis Vitek wrote:
> Eric Lemings wrote:
>>> Travis Vitek wrote:
>> ...
>>> As an example, the array traits above are all closely related 
>>> and their
>>> implementations are similar. There are five traits, and those traits
>>> span three sections of the standard.
>>> I'm open to doing some type of grouping, we just need to 
>>> understand how
>>> we want to group them and then how we want to name the files.
>> The term you're looking for is cohesion.  :)  I kinda like this
>> organization.  Couple things though.
>> Why put __rw_decay, a single helper trait in its own header?
> Well decay deals with conversion from array to pointer and function to
> function pointer conversions. I can't necessarily put it into both
> _meta_array.h and _meta_func.h, so I figured it would be best to put it
> into a file by itself.

FWIW, I see no problem with bundling groups of traits together
even if some of them are unlikely to be used in the rest of the
lib, just as long as their implementation isn't too big (i.e.,
doesn't bloat translation units and unnecessarily increase
compilation time).


>> Also I would use the filename rw/_meta_util.h rather than
>> rw/_meta_other.h but that's just me.  :)
> Yeah, I could do that.
>> Brad.

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