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From Martin Sebor <>
Subject Re: XLC++ build failures
Date Fri, 16 May 2008 22:41:03 GMT
Travis Vitek wrote:
>> Martin Sebor wrote:
>>> Eric Lemings wrote:
>>>> Martin Sebor wrote:
>>>> The page is fine (the presentation could be better), but there
>>>> is a problem with all the AIX builds. They've all been failing
>>>> due to undefined library symbols. I've been assuming it had to
>>>> do with all the recent infrastructure screwups that Scott noted
>>>> the other day but upon closer inspection I noticed that we're
>>>> using -qtempinc when we should be using -qtemplateregistry. I
>>>> wonder if this change might be responsible:
>>> Uh yeah, quite possible.  The build directory, but not necessarily
>>> the source directory, by definition has to be writable.  I assume
>>> that's where configuration tests are built and executed also,
>>> unless I'm missing something.
>> Most but not all of them. The change above is to code that runs
>> with CWD=$TOPDIR. My local builds run fine so I'm puzzled as to
>> why it's failing. Travis, any ideas?
> No, I've got nothing. I noticed the failures on Wednesday. I also did a
> manual test at that time and had no problems. I was hoping that it was
> some kind of glitch in the nightly build system.

I must have missed the error below in the logs. I see what
the problem is now: a missing '$' in the fix I committed.
It works when TMPDIR is not defined, which it isn't in the
default environment, but our bin/buildntest script sets it
to /tmp/stdcxx-tmp.<PID> and that's when things break. I
just checked in a fix for it:

### gmake  builddir   BUILDMODE=,archive,optimized,narrow 
CONFIG=vacpp.config 2>&1 | sed -e 

| tee /tmp/build.1016008.log:
/bin/sh: /tmp/stdcxx-tmp.1016008/tmp:  not found
rm: foo.1138728.c: No such file or directory
generating $(BUILDDIR)/ from $(TOPDIR)/etc/config/vacpp.config
/bin/sh: /tmp/stdcxx-tmp.1016008/tmp:  not found
rm: foo.1138762.c: No such file or directory
build directory created: BUILDDIR=$(BUILDDIR)


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