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From "Travis Vitek" <>
Subject RE: tags/4.2.1-rc-2 results
Date Mon, 21 Apr 2008 16:59:36 GMT

>Martin Sebor wrote:
>Nightly build results for tags/4.2.1-rc-2 are available at:
>While creating the -rc-2 index page I'm afraid I accidentally
>overwrote the -rc-1 index page. I'll try to restore it tomorrow.
>The -rc1 builds.html page is intact:
>Corss platform result views for the -rc-2 tag should be ready
>sometime tomorrow.


I've noticed that there are some significant differences between the
X-Platform results for -rc-1 and trunk.

It appears that the cause is that all of the -rc-1 build results in the
X-Platform view page are from old source. The weird part is that the
regular results pages seem to be okay...


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