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From "Travis Vitek" <>
Subject RE: macro function override for rw_assert() function?
Date Fri, 18 Apr 2008 20:32:04 GMT

>Martin Sebor wrote:
>Eric Lemings wrote:
>> Is there an macro function (or similar macro function) that calls the
>> rw_assert() function automatically passing it the __FILE__ 
>> and __LINE__ arguments?
>Unfortunately, there isn't. No. rw_assert() is a variable
>argument function and since C99 varargs macros haven't been
>introduced into C++ yet not all compilers support them.

Unless I'm misunderstanding what we are talking about, it seems that we
can get around that pretty easily..

  // in driver.h
  struct rw_diag_obj
    rw_diag_obj (diag_t diag, const char* file, int line)
        : diag_(diag), file_(file), line_(line) { }

    // implemented in driver.cpp
    bool operator()(int success, const char* fmt, ...);

    const diag_t diag_;
    const char const* file_;
    const int line_;

  // someone will probably want to select better names
  #define rw_fatal_x  rw_diag_obj(diag_fatal , __FILE__, __LINE__)
  #define rw_error_x  rw_diag_obj(diag_error , __FILE__, __LINE__)
  #define rw_assert_x rw_diag_obj(diag_assert, __FILE__, __LINE__)
  #define rw_warn_x   rw_diag_obj(diag_warn  , __FILE__, __LINE__)
  #define rw_note_x   rw_diag_obj(diag_note  , __FILE__, __LINE__)

  // in driver.cpp
  bool rw_diag_obj::operator()(int success, const char* fmt, ...)
      va_list va;
      va_start (va, fmt);

      _rw_vdiag (diag_, 0 == success, file_, line_, fmt, va);

      va_end (va);

      return success;

There might be a small amount of overhead to do this, but it should be
optimized in most cases.



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