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From "Farid Zaripov" <>
Subject Re: svn commit: r648128 - /stdcxx/trunk/tests/src/driver.cpp
Date Thu, 17 Apr 2008 04:33:14 GMT
From: Travis Vitek []
Subject: RE: svn commit: r648128 - /stdcxx/trunk/tests/src/driver.cpp

>>       * tests/src/driver.cpp [_MSC_VER] (_rw_opt_verbose):
>>       Turn on checking the memory at every allocation and
>>       deallocation in verbose mode.

> Perhaps this should be put into its own routine option. I believe that
> this memory checking can slow things down quite a bit, and I'd like to
> avoid that overhead when doing verbose checking.

  And how often you're doing verbose checking? :) I see that the only difference between the
verbose and non-verbose modes is printing the description (diag_msgs[].desc) in diag messages.
So I thought that --verbose option is used very rarely at this time and the name of this option
is corresponding to added actions - verbose checking the using of the heap memory :)

>>       (_rw_opt_compat): Disable MSVC debug popup's in compat mode.

> According to some conversation we had with Martin last week, this should
> have been enabled all the time. If this is the case, maybe this code
> should be moved to rw_vtest() to make that happen?

  Why? Personally I found the debug MSVC popups very useful in debugging. You can't miss
the debug message because you have to press some button in message box to close it.
And you need press the only one button ("Retry") to launch and attach the debugger and see
the source file on failing line with call stack. If they are will be disabled all the time,
you will
need scan the program output for the debug messages and then wast some time to find the
failing line in source code... Of course we can enable these popups by adding a new program
option, but I launching the tests from IDE most of time and it's not convinient to specify
program options manually for every test (but I found that I can use the RWSTD_TESTOPTS
environment variable for this :) ).


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