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From Martin Sebor <>
Subject Re: svn commit: r643473 - /stdcxx/trunk/tests/support/18.numeric.special.float.cpp
Date Tue, 01 Apr 2008 18:30:17 GMT
Eric Lemings wrote:
>>> STDCXX-708 <>
>> Each line should be indented by a single TAB. The issue URL
>> shouldn't be here.
> Why not?

Because we don't put it there. There's a documented convention
that we follow (see below). It says nothing about any link. I
don't think we need the link but if you'd like to change the
convention feel free to write up a proposal.

>>> * tests/support/18.numeric.special.float.cpp:
>> The names of the function you changed should be listed in
>> parentheses, like so:
>> 	* tests/support/18.numeric.special.float.cpp
>> 	(limits_values::has_denorm): ...
> How do you specify partial function template specializations?

There's no such thing.

The point of the function names in the parentheses is to
help people find the changes that they might be interested
in without having to scan the whole diff. It's a judgment
call how accurately the name should identify the exact
specific function among a set of overloads or some such

> Most (probably all) of the GNU ChangeLog conventions were written for
> C and don't translate to more advanced C++ features very well.  Not
> to say that we couldn't tailor them; just need to have them in
> writing somewhere.
>> If your changes are conditional (i.e., based on some preprocessor
>> macro), you should list the conditional in square brackets before
>> the list of the functions it applies to, e.g.,
>> 	* tests/support/18.numeric.special.float.cpp
>> 	[_AIX || __hpux] (limits_values::has_denorm): ...
> I don't recall seeing this convention in the GNU docs anywhere.

It's described in the GNU coding standars:


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