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From Andrew Black <>
Subject Re: [aCC 6.05] too many warnings
Date Tue, 01 Apr 2008 16:30:12 GMT
Martin Sebor wrote:
> Scott Zhong wrote:
>> In the debug build of aCC 6.05 for stdcxx trunk, there are too many
>> warnings that made the build log file to be larger than what the nightly
>> build infrastructure could handle.  This is causing debug builds to show
>> up as DATA in the results page.
> Thanks for the heads up. Is there any way to get a partial log
> so we can tell which warnings are generating the most noise and
> silence them?

One method that comes to mind for trimming the log is to pipe the output
of the buildntest script to head, but the options required to limit the
output to some number of bytes appear to vary from platform to platform,
so you'd have to change the flags used to conform to the platform.  This
could be done in the nightly testing glue scripts.

--Andrew Black

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