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From "Travis Vitek" <>
Subject RE: [PATCH] punct.cpp
Date Wed, 05 Mar 2008 18:58:05 GMT

>Travis Vitek wrote:
>>Martin Sebor wrote:
>>I don't have the time to do a careful review of the patch WRT
>>the LWG issue at the moment but I note there's a comment above
>>the code that's being modified that references the issue, so
>>it looks like the current code already tries to handle it. If
>>it does so successfully or not I can't say without spending
>>more time on it.
>Here is a quote from the resolution...
>  For conversion from a floating-point type, str.precision()
>  is specified in the conversion specification.
>The following is taken from the comments following that...
>  The floatfield determines whether numbers are formatted as
>  if with %f, %e, or %g. If the fixed bit is set, it's %f, if
>  scientific it's %e, and if both bits are set, or neither,
>  it's %g.
>  Turning to the C standard, a precision of 0 is meaningful
>  for %f and %e. For %g, precision 0 is taken to be the same
>  as precision 1.
>Previously, if the precision was 0 and floatfield was not
>fixed or scientific [i.e. %g] we wouldn't apply precision
>format string at all. According to this, we should apply
>precision 0 and assume that the printf() family correctly
>handles this case, or force precision to 1.

I've tested the patch on AIX, and it fixes failure of regression test
22.locale.num.put.stdcxx-2. Unfortunately it causes an additional 22
assertions to fail in 22.locale.num.put.


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