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From "Travis Vitek" <>
Subject RE: [jira] Commented: (STDCXX-563) split up rw/_mutex.h
Date Thu, 27 Mar 2008 20:11:52 GMT
>Martin Sebor wrote:
>Here are some observations and suggestions regarding the patch:
># Underscores separating components of file names should be replaced with
>  dashes for consistency with the {{rw/_config-*.h}} headers.
># There's a typo in the name of {{_atomic_aplha.h}}. I suspect the name
>  should be changed to {{_atomic-deccxx.h}} since the primitives seem
>  specific to the compiler, not to the hardware architecture.
># What is {{_atomic_generic.h}} for and shouldn't it be merged with
>  {{_atomic.h}}?
># What compilers is {{_atomic_ia64_x64.h}} used by? If all of them on
>  IA64 as well as x86_64 (in LLP64), maybe it should be called
>  {{_atomic-x64.h}}. I see a lof of #ifdefs for MSVC. Would it make
>  sense to split it up into {{_atomic-msvc.h}} and whatever else?
># I believe {{_atomic_mips.h}} is specific to the MIPSpro compiler and
>  couldn't be used with gcc on the MIPS architecture. It should be
>  renamed to {{_atomic_mipspro.h}}
># I'm not quite sure what to do with {{_atomic_mutex.h}}. Ideally, we
>  would have atomic operations everywhere. If there is a platform where
>  we (sometimes) need to use the mutex version (I think you mentioned
>  PA-RISC) I guess we need to keep it but it doesn't make me very happy...
># If {{_atomic_powerpc.h}} is specific to IBM XLC++ (and can't be used
>  by gcc) it should be renamed to {{_atomic-xlc.h}}.
># Would {{_mutex-win32.h}} be a better name than {{_mutex-windows.h}}?

So, just to be clear, it seems that you're proposing a set of headers
for the compiler and another set for the thread lib. i.e. we would have
rw/_config-<compiler>.h and rw/_config-<thread lib>.h but no config files
for the architecture or OS.

If so, I'm fine with that. I can imagine that Scott/Farid would have liked
this to have been stated up front.

># One of {{_atomic-x86.h}} and the src/i86] directory should be renamed
>  for consistency. It seems that the commonly used abbreviation used for
>  the Intel 8086-derived processors (e.g., 80386, 80486) is x86 -- see
>  the Wikipedia article.


>Finally, I wonder if instead of adding suffixes to these files and worry
>about being consistent every time we add a new one it would make sense to
>add platform-specific directories under {{include/rw/}} instead and move
>the corresponding files (as well as the {{rw/_config-*.h}} headers) there.

I don't know. If we are already doing it one way, we should either do it
the same way, or we should go back and change the other arrangement to


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