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From Martin Sebor <>
Subject Re: 4.2.1 platforms
Date Thu, 27 Mar 2008 02:44:47 GMT
Tim Adams wrote:
> IBM dropped support for Visual Age 6 last spring.  So while you all may
> want to support it as a best effort platform, it probably shouldn't be a
> secondary platform.

Thanks for the feedback Tim. I was going to say: Sure thing! but
then I thought about it from the perspective of users of these
platforms who just want to get a few bugs fixed in stdcxx...

It makes sense to me as a general rule to move platform to the Best
Effort category when it ceases to be supported by the vendor. Let
me update our release process document.

For patch releases though, I'm not sure if it should be considered
acceptable to break a platform that worked in the previous release.
My feeling is that in bugfix releases users should be able to rely
on 100% compatibility with the previous release.

> I could state many reasons, but suffice it to say
> that IMHO MSVC 7.1 should also be on the best effort list.
> Thoughts?

If Microsoft still supports MSVC 7.1 (I think that's Visual Studio
2003) we should, IMO, keep in the Secondary category unless doing
so makes things difficult. I don't have a very good sense about
how hard the MSVC 7.1 port is but unless it causing us major
headaches, using VisualAge 6 as a precedent MSVC 7.1 should
remain a Secondary Platform until 4.3.


> -- Tim
>> -----Original Message-----
>> From: Martin Sebor [] On Behalf Of Martin Sebor
>> Sent: Thursday, March 20, 2008 10:08 AM
>> To:
>> Subject: 4.2.1 platforms
>> Here's my proposed list of platforms for 4.2.1. I don't think 
>> we can quite meet the release goals outlined in the release 
>> policy (I don't see us cleaning up all the test failures and 
>> warnings on all Primary
>> platforms) but we might as well try to use the process to the 
>> extent we can.
>> Let me know if I've missed something. Once we have the final 
>> list I'd like to open a vote on it.
>> Primary:
>>      HP aCC 6.16/HP-UX
>>      HP aCC 3.74/HP-UX
>>      gcc 3.4, 4/Linux
>>      Intel C++ 10/Linux/Windows
>>      MSVC 8.0, 9.0/Windows
>>      Sun C++ 5.9/Solaris
>>      XLC++ 9.0/AIX
>> Secondary:
>>      EDG eccp 3.9/Linux
>>      gcc 3.2/Linux
>>      gcc 3.4/FreeBSD
>>      Intel C++ 9.1/Linux/Windows
>>      MSVC 7.1/Windows
>>      Sun C++ 5.9/Linux
>>      Sun C++ 5.8, 5.7/Solaris
>>      XLC++ 8.0, 7.0/AIX 5
>>      VisualAge 6.0/AIX 5
>> Best Effort:
>>      EDG eccp 3.9/Solaris
>>      gcc 4/Darwin
>>      HP C++ /Tru64 UNIX 6.5
>>      MIPSpro 7.41/IRIX 6.5
>>      Sun C++ 5.3/Solaris

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