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From Martin Sebor <>
Subject bulk merge of outstanding patches to 4.2.x
Date Wed, 26 Mar 2008 20:42:54 GMT
4.2.1 issues that have been resolved on trunk but whose fixes
have not been merged to 4.2.x will need to be merged at some
point in the near future. The way I have been expecting this
to happen is have someone (e.g., the Release Manager) go
through all 4.2.1 issues in Resolved (but not Closed) state,
pull the patches from the Subversion Commits tab, and merge
them out to 4.2.x one by one.

Sometimes, though, the fixes made to resolve these issues on
trunk need a minor tweak (e.g., to silence a warning or some
such small change, such as rev 641478 or rev 641531). Unless
these tweaks are associated with the issues they go with (as
I did in the two revisions), they might get forgotten in the
bulk merge. So unless someone has a better process in mind
for this bulk merge than the one I envision I'd like to
ask everyone to remember do the same thing I did whenever
they're applying such a tweak.


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