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From Martin Sebor <>
Subject Re: _RWSTD_REQUIRES throwing uncaught exceptions in tests?
Date Thu, 20 Mar 2008 15:47:01 GMT
Travis Vitek wrote:
>> Eric Lemings wrote:
>> Greetings,
>> I've been stepping through one of the string tests.  The
>> std::string::at() member function is being called with a __pos value
>> that is >= size() causing the _RWSTD_REQUIRES assertion to fail.  It
>> seems to be throwing an exception, which is not being caught, as a
>> result.  Consequently, the whole test program raises an ABRT signal.
>> There are several such programs raising ABRT signals (on the Mac
>> platform at least).
> Yeah, I looked at the build results for 21.string.access, and it doesn't appear to be
failing for this same reason on any other platforms.
> One thing I noticed while looking at this is that the X-Platform view doesn't show all
tests. As an example, the 21.string.access test appears in all of the standard results pages
[], but it doesn't appear in the X-Platform
view []. Maybe this is something that
Martin should look at. Martin?

Only "interesting" tests are included on the X-platform pages. If a test
(or example) doesn't fail in any way it's excluded from the page to keep
its size down. I haven't searched all our logs for 21.string.access but
in the ones I looked it passed at 100%.

Btw., this could easily be changed if we think that including all tests
would be useful. Just keep in mind that we have 379 tests, 135 examples,
and 166 locales. If all them were listed we'd end up with nearly 700
rows of data.


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