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From Martin Sebor <>
Subject Re: [Fwd: JIRA now hooked up to Fisheye]
Date Mon, 11 Feb 2008 20:54:45 GMT


I opened and got our
INFRA's approval to get our Subversion repository indexed at as a demo of the feature to help us decide
if we want to integrate it into Jira or not. The indexing takes place over
the weekend so if all goes according to plan the demo should be up
next week.

Martin Sebor wrote:
> Travis Vitek wrote:
>> Is it necessary or useful? Does it do anything to reduce our workload,
>> add to it, or is it totally transparent to those who don't use it? What
>> are the administration costs?
> I thought you liked new toys ;-)
> I don't think it's necessary. The ViewVC interface to Subversion
> provides similar views (without the statistics). We can get some
> of the same statistics (activity per author) from Ohloh, just not
> entirely up to date. The activity per issue is unique to FishEye,
> AFAICS. But I don't see the statistics as essential at all.
> I do think FishEye could be useful. It shows the recent commit
> history of the project, complete with ChangeLog entries for each
> commit, all under the same interface as a project's issues. I.e.,
> it makes it more convenient to view both issues and the changes
> made to resolve them. All this data is already available, but we
> have to work a little harder to get at it. For example, I use
> the commits list for code review, Jira to look at issue the
> changes resolve, and the issues list to monitor issue activity
> in general. It looks to me as though I might be able to replace
> the first two out of the three by just monitoring the FishEye
> Recent Changesets view. You should check it out when you have
> a few minutes:
> Other than figuring out who to ask to set it up for us there's
> no more admin cost to us than there is to administer any other
> Jira plugin we use (and there are dozens).
> Martin
>> My concern is that the stdcxx project is becoming more complex to use
>> and maintain. I could spend weeks trying to learn how to use all of the
>> software that we're currently using [subversion, jira, subversion, wiki,
>> forrest, ...] and I am expected to at least have some knowledge of how
>> to use it. Every time I sit down to use one of the tools, I end up
>> spending precious time trying to figure out how to make it do what I
>> want it to.
>> I see that it makes it easy to see diffs of files and file history
>> without having to use the svn client or web browser. I guess this could
>> be useful to some, but I'm perfectly happy using the existing tools for
>> this.
>> Travis
>>> -----Original Message-----
>>> From: Martin Sebor
>>> FYI: This looks quite interesting. We might want to look into
>>> getting our svn set up with FishEye as well. What do y'all
>>> think?
>>> -------- Original Message --------
>>> From: Jeff Turner
>>> Since JIRA 3.12+ comes bundled with the Fisheye plugin, I thought we 
>>> might as well use it.  There's now a Fisheye project tab with pretty
>>> graphs and things,
>>> eg:
>> a.plugin.system.project:openissues-panel
>>> and issues have a Fisheye tab if a commit was made against them.
>>> It's enabled for the following projects, which are indexed on

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