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From "Travis Vitek" <>
Subject RE: svn commit: r610849 - /incubator/stdcxx/branches/autotools/
Date Thu, 10 Jan 2008 19:03:07 GMT


We use a slightly modified version of the GNU ChangeLog format to
describe all changes that are committed to subversion for the stdcxx
project. There is a quick overview of the ChangeLog format at, and a more
detailed description at

The two things that I believe are different from the GNU ChangeLog
format are that we use relative paths to describe files instead of just
filename, and we sometimes include multiple users on a single change.
I've linked to two changes below for reference. We only started doing
the relative path thing recently, so you won't see that in any of the
older changes. [multiple users] [relative paths]

That said, I believe that the general format for a ChangeLog when
branching is to use the branch name where the relative path would
usually go. Something like this...

  2008-01-10  Brad Lemmings  <>

	* branches/autotools: New branch based off trunk/ at rev 610576

Now that the change has been committed, I don't know if there is
anything that can be done to change the log. Hopefully someone else will
jump in here and enlighten us.


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>From: [] 
>Sent: Thursday, January 10, 2008 9:44 AM
>Subject: svn commit: r610849 - /incubator/stdcxx/branches/autotools/
>Author: elemings
>Date: Thu Jan 10 09:44:11 2008
>New Revision: 610849
>Experimental branch of trunk that adds support for GNU 
>"Autotools" suite.
>    incubator/stdcxx/branches/autotools/
>      - copied from r610848, incubator/stdcxx/trunk/

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