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From Martin Sebor <>
Subject [PING] Re: planning 4.2.1, 4.3, and beyond
Date Wed, 12 Dec 2007 06:44:59 GMT

Any thoughts on this?

Martin Sebor wrote:
> I'd like to discuss our plans and schedule for the next few releases,
> starting with 4.2.1 and 4.3, work on both of which might very well take
> place in parallel.
> In the post below, I suggested the end of December for the maintenance
> 4.2.1 release:
> I suspect this is overly optimistic, in part because I think we should
> first transition out of the incubator before we put out another release,
> and also because we still have over 100 bugs scheduled for this update.
> What should be included in 4.2.1? Besides issues already scheduled for
> 4.2.1 I think we should try to finish the Purify project (Travis) and
> set up Purify for nightly (or some other periodic type of) testing.
> As far as platform support goes, my suggested breakdown (Primary,
> Secondary etc.) is here:
> With this as background I'm beginning to think that February might be
> a more reasonable time frame for 4.2.1. But before we solidify any of
> this we first need to finalize the Release and Version Policy. I'd
> like to start the vote on the document this week, so if there are
> any comments of questions on the latest draft, or any concerns or
> comments on this proposed approach, please send them in ASAP.
> At the same time, I'd really like us to start making progress on some
> of the (formerly TR1) C++ 0x features (STDCXX-27). They are currently
> scheduled for 5.0 but I don't see any reason why at least some of them
> couldn't be included in 4.3. One of the first things that should be
> implemented, IMO, is type_traits, so we can get some experience with
> the new implementation and start taking advantage of the little
> critters in new code (such as the unordered associative containers,
> STDCXX-32). Another big ticket item that we should start working on
> is Concepts (STDCXX-672). As long as we maintain compatibility there
> should be no reason not to phase in support for Concepts in chunks
> rather than waiting until everything is done. Of course, features
> that require incompatible changes will need to be deferred until
> 5.0. It would be good to start thinking about which ones those
> might be and which ones can be targeted for 4.3.
> Thoughts?
> Martin

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