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From Travis Vitek <>
Subject Re: missing build line for 22.locale.codecvt.out
Date Mon, 12 Nov 2007 22:09:59 GMT

Travis Vitek wrote:
> So now we are pretty sure we know what is happening. All target names that
> end in .out will match to the pattern rule for generating .out files
> first. The question is how to fix it. Here are the options I see.
>     1. rename the source file so the generated executable will not end in
> .out
>     2. change the .out rule to generate output files with some other
> extension
>     3. create an rule that is a better match than %.out so that rule is
> selected for 22.locale.codecvt.out
>     4. create a new makefile that includes the original GNUmakefile.tst,
> but defines the more explicit rule mentioned in 3
> I dislike option 3 the most, and from the sound of it you won't want to
> use option 1. So how does option 2 sound?
> Travis

Another option would be to change the extension for executables. i.e.
[%.exe: %.o]

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