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From Martin Sebor <>
Subject Intel C++ 9.1/Win XP build timeouts
Date Fri, 26 Oct 2007 21:57:40 GMT
[Forwarding a private discussion]

Farid, would it be possible to update the Windows build script(s) to
write out the info below?

Also, do you have any idea why the build cscript would refuse to die
when killed like Andrew says?

(BATMAN is the Rogue Wave Build And Test MANager used to run nightly


Andrew Black wrote:
> Martin Sebor wrote:
>> Andrew Black wrote:
>>> Greetings Martin
>>> The short version is that your builds are taking longer than the allowed
>>> 6 hour window, and the copy of watchdog used by batman is killing the
>>> glue script while the build is still in progress.  Because the glue
>>> script is killed, post processing of the builds doesn't occur, and
>>> therefore the batman doesn't have a result file to parse and populate
>>> the index page.
>> All the builds run for quite a bit longer than 6 hours, some 7, some 8,
>> and others as long as 9. It seems strange that they are allowed to run
>> so much longer than the 6 hour timeout.
> My analysis of the situation is that the Batman watchdog utility kills
> the batch glue script, but doesn't kill the cscript instance used to
> perform the build and run process.
>> Another strange thing is that according to the times displayed by exec
>> the individual components (locales, tests, and examples) don't look like
>> they run any longer than the longest running builds (XLC++/AIX). In fact
>> they look like they run much faster. So I wonder where the rest of the
>> time is being spent. Compilation and linking?
>> I'd like to update the build and test infrastructure to track the amount
>> of time spent at each stage:
>>   1. configuration (build script)
>>   2. building the library (build script)
>>   3. building the examples (build script)
>>   4. building the rwtest library (build script)
>>   5. building the tests (build script)
>>   6. building all the utilities (build script)
>>   7. running all the examples (exec)
>>   8. running all the tests (exec)
>>   9. running all the locale tests (exec)
>> Can you update the build script(s) to write out this information?
>> (Just printing the date + time at the end of each stage should be
>> sufficient.) I'll work on enhancing the exec utility to print out
>> the cumulative time(s) for all the programs it runs. Once we have
>> this information it should be easy to determine what is the
>> bottleneck.
> I can not.  The script responsible for the build process is the
> build.wsf script, located in etc/config/windows.  The last point the
> glue script has control of the build process is the message reading '###
> Building solution / Creating HTML log' is printed out.
> --Andrew Black

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