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From Martin Sebor <>
Subject [PATCH] to get exec utility to compile with EDG eccp/Linux
Date Wed, 24 Oct 2007 01:10:32 GMT
The attached patch makes changes to get the exec utility to compile
with the EDG eccp demo. It resolves STDCXX-414 in addition to a few
other related or similar issues that popped up once I fixed it. The
patch isn't "beautiful" but given the super-strict mode we turn on
when using the compiler in (the pure "C" headers that declare only
the symbols specified by the C++ '03 standard and nothing else, not
even any POSIX names), it's the best I could come up with.
An alternative apporach would be to avoid compiling the utility in
C++ more or with our own headers which seems far too invasive for

The ChangeLog is below. Comments appreciated.

2007-10-23  Martin Sebor  <>

	* util.h (rw_sleep, rw_signal): Declared helper functions.
	* cmdopt.cpp (rw_sleep, rw_signal): Moved formerly static
	functions from here...
	* util.cpp: here and declared extern.
	ECHILD, EINVAL): #defined macros when they're not #defined
	in system headers.
	[!_RWSTD_NO_PURE_C_HEADERS] (kill, fdopen): Declared.
	(wait_for_child): Called rw_signal() instead of sigaction()

	* util.cpp: [!_RWSTD_NO_PURE_C_HEADERS] (rw_signal): Implemented
	in terms of signal() instead of sigaction() so as to avoid
	a dependency on POSIX symbols in <signal.h>.

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