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From Martin Sebor <>
Subject Re: Build tag really optional?
Date Mon, 22 Oct 2007 18:08:32 GMT
Eric Lemings wrote:
> On line 570, the README file in RC6 says the following:
> "                  The <build-types>  argument  is optional.  When  not
>                   specified a build type of 11s is assumed."
> I tried that but it doesn't appear to build anything.

What does it do? (It would help to see the command you gave and
the output.)

FWIW, I was pleasantly surprised just the other day when I typed
configure with no command line arguments and the script figured
out that I had MSVC 8 installed as my default compiler and set
up a buildspace for it (I think under ./build).


> Also, the Makefiles on Unix-like platorms supported a BUILDMODE notation
> (e.g. BUILDMODE=debug,pthreads,shared) in addition to the coded build
> tags (e.g. 11s, 15d, etc.).  Do the Windows build scripts also support a
> build mode notation or something similar?
> Brad.

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