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From Martin Sebor <>
Subject Re: a few more Windows unsats (string::length(), ios::setstate(), ...)
Date Thu, 18 Oct 2007 18:55:03 GMT
I've repeated the same test with both the library as well as
the examples built with MSVC 7.1. The results are a lot better,
although I still see an unsat for the exception copy ctor (as
in the previous case):

   ifstream.exe:       exception::exception(const exeception&)

I suspect the different results between the two runs (MSVC 7.1
only amd MSVC 8.0/7.1) might be attributable to configuration
differences between the two libraries. I.e., configuring the
same version of stdcxx will produce different results with
different versions of the same compiler (i.e., MSVC 7.1 and
8.0). Configuring a more recent version of stdcxx with a more
recent version of MSVC will almost certainly yield different
results than configuring an earlier version of the library
with an older version of the compiler.

This seems like a pretty fundamental problem with stdcxx, one
that'll be very hard to avoid. The purpose of the configuration
tests, i.e., to adjust the library to the compilation environment,
is at odds with goal of providing binary compatibility...

Martin Sebor wrote:
> While testing the patch for the missing exception symbols I'm
> running into a few other unsats that I haven't seen mentioned
> before. I'm not sure if it's relevant yet but I'm linking
> stdcxx 4.2.0 15d DLL built with MSVC 8.0 into 4.1.3 examples
> built with MSVC 7.1 (also 15d).
>   EXAMPLE             UNSAT
>   codecvt1.exe:       codecvt<char, char, mbstate_t>::id
>   ifstream.exe:       exception something(*)
>   istringstream.exe   ios::setstate(__rw_iostate)
>   stringstream.exe:   std::string::length() const
>   wostream.exe        wios::widen(char)
> Any ideas?
> [*] Btw., how do I demangle MSVC symbols? (I checked dumpbin
> help but I don't see any obvious option).
> Martin

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