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From Martin Sebor <>
Subject relative pathnames in ChangeLogs
Date Tue, 16 Oct 2007 04:33:20 GMT
After I generated/updated the latest ChangeLogs I noticed that we have
been less than completely consistent in how we refer to changed files
in Change Log entries. Most of the time, although not all of the time,
we just mention the file name w/o the directory prefix. That's not a
big deal when all the files in the ChangeLog entry reside in the same
directory (although even then it's less than ideal), but it becomes
a potential problem when there are files from different directories,
e.g., include/foo.h and src/bar.h, because there may be a src/foo.h
in addition to include/foo.h.

To avoid this potential problem I would like to propose that each file
mentioned in a Change Log entry be relative to the directory containing
the ChangeLog itself. I.e., file names referenced in the ChangeLog
residing under trunk/include/ will be relative to trunk/include/, those
reference in the ChangeLog residing under trunk/tests will be relative
to trunk/tests, and so on.

For example, the ChangeLog entry for the following change:
would look like so:

2007-10-10 Travis Vitek <>

	* self/0.printf.cpp (test_errno): Deallocate memory allocated
	automatically by rw_snprintfa().

Change Log entries that refer to files from multiple subdirectories
(e.g., trunk/include and trunk/examples) would have to also include
the name of the subdirectories.

Does this sound reasonable to everyone? Does anyone have a better idea?


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