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From Martin Sebor <>
Subject Re: 4.2.0-rc-6, final candidate
Date Tue, 16 Oct 2007 02:12:58 GMT
I'm afraid I'm not quite done with all my issues, most notably
with STDCXX-509 (although I have committed a partial solution,
I still need to cook something up for MSVC). I'm hoping to get
things wrapped up and have the candidate by the end of tomorrow.


Martin Sebor wrote:
> After dispatching the remaining issues scheduled for 4.2.0(*) I'd
> like to merge the few outstanding minor fixes and docs changes to
> 4.2.0 and create the (hopefully) final release candidate at the
> end of the day (US/Mountain) tomorrow. If anyone has any concerns
> please raise them ASAP.
> [*] Here's a list of the remaining issues to deal with:
> Andrew and Farid, you each have an issue on the list assigned to
> you. Please try to resolve them before the end of business tomorrow.
> I'll take care of the rest (I'll need to spend some time reworking
> the patch for STDCXX-509 so that it's binary compatible. If I can
> fix STDCXX-406 and STDCXX-302 in isolation from other platforms
> I will, otherwise I'll defer it to 4.2.1 with the effect of
> Compaq/HP C++ not being supported on Tru64 in 4.2.0).
> Thanks
> Martin

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