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From Martin Sebor <>
Subject 4.2.0-rc-6, final candidate
Date Mon, 15 Oct 2007 00:37:31 GMT
After dispatching the remaining issues scheduled for 4.2.0(*) I'd
like to merge the few outstanding minor fixes and docs changes to
4.2.0 and create the (hopefully) final release candidate at the
end of the day (US/Mountain) tomorrow. If anyone has any concerns
please raise them ASAP.

[*] Here's a list of the remaining issues to deal with:

Andrew and Farid, you each have an issue on the list assigned to
you. Please try to resolve them before the end of business tomorrow.
I'll take care of the rest (I'll need to spend some time reworking
the patch for STDCXX-509 so that it's binary compatible. If I can
fix STDCXX-406 and STDCXX-302 in isolation from other platforms
I will, otherwise I'll defer it to 4.2.1 with the effect of
Compaq/HP C++ not being supported on Tru64 in 4.2.0).


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