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From "Travis Vitek" <>
Subject [PATCH] set id of user locale facets safely
Date Fri, 28 Sep 2007 18:57:12 GMT

The method for initializing the facet id is not currently thread safe.

If a thread enters __rw_facet_id::_C_init() and is preempted after
checking _C_id, a second thread can do the same check, increment the
static counter, assign the facet id, and then return. The preempted
thread would increment the static counter again, assign a new value to
the facet id.

This could cause has_facet, use_facet, or locale constructor to fail

2007-09-28  Travis Vitek  <>

	* facet.cpp (_C_init): initialize facet id in a threadsafe

Index: facet.cpp
--- facet.cpp	(revision 578875)
+++ facet.cpp	(working copy)
@@ -597,17 +597,15 @@
 _RWSTD_SIZE_T __rw_facet_id::_C_init () const
+    _RWSTD_MT_STATIC_GUARD(_RW::__rw_facet_id);
     // return immediately if already initialized
     if (_C_id)
         return _C_id;
-    // atomically increment id generator
-    // the above initialization is already guarded and the
-    // of standard facets has a chance of completing at the step above
     // generate a unique id
     const _RWSTD_SIZE_T new_id =
-        _RWSTD_ATOMIC_PREINCREMENT (__rw_id_gen, false);
+        ++__rw_id_gen;

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