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From "Travis Vitek" <>
Subject RE: Intel C++ build failures on Windows Vista
Date Wed, 26 Sep 2007 21:17:07 GMT

Martin Sebor wrote: 
>Andrew Black wrote:
>> What changed was that I started testing with ICC on vista, where we
>> hadn't been before.  Also started at the same time was 32 bit MSVC
>> builds on 64-bit windows XP and windows 2003, along with  ECCP on
>> redhat 5, suse 9.1 and suse 10.
>I thought we were testing on Vista last week, but I could very
>well be misremembering. I trust you when you say we weren't.

I seem to remember that we were also, but I could be wrong. Doesn't the
internal build infrastructure keep a history?

>So the Vista machine probably suffers from the same problem as
>the XP boxes last week. Reinstalling Intel C++ fixed the issue
>there so it looks like we need to see about getting IT to
>reinstall the compiler on this box as well.

Yes, it appears something is wrong with the environment.

I get this error when trying to run the build script on skylight.

  C:\Temp\vitek\stdcxx-trunk>build_icc-10.0.bat 12s
  Solution build script
  Checking arguments...
  Unable to create VCProjectEngine object: Could not create object named
  Loading solution...
  Current compiler: Intel(R) C++ 10.0.026 [Intel(R) 64]
  Selected compiler: Intel(R) C++ 10.0.026 [IA-32]
  Performing configure step...

Later, after running the config tests, the null pointer exception
message appears and the build terminates. I believe that this is a
pretty good indicator that there is a problem with the compiler
installation. Specifically the Visual Studio install.

Farid, I do not see this error in the build output from the nightly
builds, but I expect that I would. The null pointer exception that comes
up later does appear in the logs, but this output does not. Is it
possible that the missing message is caused by a problem in the build


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