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From "Travis Vitek" <>
Subject RE: improving Windows build logs
Date Wed, 26 Sep 2007 17:49:14 GMT

Farid Zaripov wrote
>  The first "kernel32.lib user32.lib" are appended by the solution
>generation script
>because the default list on MSVCExpress contains kernel32.lib only.
>  I can't do enything with appending of the default list of libraries.
>The only I can do is remove that list from build logs.

The kernel32.lib and user32.lib libraries appear in the 'Additional
Dependencies' list in the Linker | Input section of the project
properties. These libraries are in addition to the default libraries
that the project assumes.

You can disable all default libraries by adding the /NODEFAULTLIB linker
option without specifying a library name. In that case, I believe that
you could eliminate the /NODEFAULTLIB:msvcprtd.lib entry also.

If you use the /NODEFAULTLIB option, then you need to remember to add
the C library to the Additional Dependencies list. The C library you
need to add depends on the build type [more specifically, it depends on
the /MT or /MD flag that is used]. Information on which library to link
can be found here


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