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From "Travis Vitek" <>
Subject RE: design of regression tests
Date Sun, 16 Sep 2007 17:49:37 GMT
Martin Sebor wrote:
>I agree that it looks fragile, although I admit I am intrigued
>by the idea of programmatically invoking the compiler. I have
>been contemplating an API that would let us do this in general
>(i.e., build programs or even libraries, either using stdcxx
>or the native C++ Standard Library, or even C programs) but so
>far it's just an idea.
>Despite the fragility, I do see the appeal of this approach:
>unlike computing the constants directly in the test that I was
>at first inclined to suggest, it guarantees to yield the exact
>same values as the C library. (I assume that's why you chose
>it?) I suggest we keep the test in Jira and revisit it, maybe
>along withe the whole compiler API idea, when we have more
>time after the release.
>Some observations about the formatting code in the test:
>First, there's a macro for the "template <>" syntax to deal with
>outdated compiler: _RWSTD_SPECIALIZED_FUNCTION. We have been
>talking about dropping support for these kinds of workarounds at
>some point in the (near) future but we haven't actually done it
>yet. So until we do, we should continue to use these macros (if
>nothing else, it'll help us all appreciate the extent of these
>workarounds and decide which one we want to get rid of and which
>one we might want to keep).

Thanks, that may be useful for future reference.

>Second, this kind of type-based formatting is unnecessary. It would
>be sufficient to convert each constant to long and use %li or %lu
>to format them all. 

Yup, I realized that and wrote a new version of the test Friday night.
That simplifies things quite a bit.

>The formatting code is also slightly buggy
>because it doesn't account for integer promotion and sign extension.

I'm not sure what you mean by this. Can you give an example of how this
would be a problem?

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